At work or school, you spend a lot of time together with friends, coworkers and unknown people. To break the silence, someone usually puts on some music, but this is the music and taste of one person. If you want to listen to your own music, you have to put on headphones or make sure other people like your music too.

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could easily share and listen to music with people in a room via a democratic and intuitive way? That's MeUsic!


MeUsic is for people who work in a room, together with friend or coworkers, like at school or at the office. Usually at work the radio is turned on, but after hearing Lady Gaga for the 15th time (or 1st for that matter) you get bored with it.

With MeUsic, all you need is your phone (or laptop) with your favorite music on it and some speakers. Turn on MeUsic, connect your phone to the speakers and start enjoying the music. The music of everyone in the room will automatically be joined together.


It's hard choosing the right music when friend and coworkers have to listen to it too. You don't want to annoy them with only your taste in music, you want them to have a choice too.

I wanted to create a new way for people in a room to listen and share music. MeUsic takes all your music and that of the people nearby, and combines it into one big and awesome personal playlist. It's democratic music listening with the press of a button. Everyone can suggest music or vote for the currently playing track to be skipped.